Online Virtual Dog Show

Class 1 - Snoozing Dogs
Class 2 - Catch me if you can
Class 3 -Silly Selfies 

Class 4 - Soulful Eyes 

Class 5 - Boop the Snoot

Class 6 - Me & My Furry Friends

Class 7 - Favorite Toy

Class 8 - Stars in their Paws

Class 9 - wagNwalkies

Class 10 - Smoochy Face

Class 11 - It wasn't me

Class 12 - Furmily Pawtrait


Class 1 - Snoozing Dogs > (Best Picture of a sleeping comfy snoozing dog)
Class 2 - Catch me if you can > (Best Picture of your dog in Action.. Best action shot) 
Class 3 - Silly selfies > (Best Picture of you dog taking a selfie)
Class 4 - Soulful Eyes  > (Best Picture of your dog showing their Soulful look via their eyes) 
Class 5 - Boop the Snoot > (Best Picture of your dogs snoot... most kissable) 

Class 6 - Me & My Furry Friend's  > (Best Picture of your dog with their fur friend Canine, Feline, Equine, Equatic, Reptile etc 😉) 
Class 7 - Favourite Toy > (Best Picture of your dog with thier most favorite toy) 
Class 8 - Starts in their paws > (Best Picture of a lookalike Doglet famous or funny or both) 
Class 9 - wagNwalkies > (Best Picture of your dog enjoying its favorite walk and view) 
Class 10 - Smoochy Face > (Best Picture of your Doglet kissing or about to kiss 💋) 
Class 11 - It wasn't me > (Best Picture of your naught Doglets being caught out) 
Class 12 - Furmily Pawtrait > (Best Picture of dogs of the same family be that real family, wNw Family, Family friend etc 😉) 
BEST IN SHOW > (Winner of all 12 Classes)

£1 a Class
£10 for ALL
12 Classes
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