Dog Show Rules
  1. No in Season Female Dogs allowed to enter dog show classes

  2. No Puppies under the age of 6months allowed to enter except in classes 5, 7 & 9

  3. Entries for ALL classes close once max number of entries received OR 10mins before the class is due to commence

  4. Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at ALL times, unless supervised by a Barky Malarky representative in Dog Agility Ring, Fastest Recall etc

  5. You MUST clear up after your Dog, Poo Bags available at Event HQ and Black Bin Bags scattered around the show site for disposal of poo bags.

  6. The Safety and Well Being of all animals is the responsibility of the Owner/Handler

  7. ALL Show entrants accept that all photos taken on the day by Barky Malarky representatives are the property of Barky Malarky and in so doing able to ultilised for all Marketing and Publicity associated with Barky Malarky future and present.

    Kennel Club Rules Apply